New Treatment for Allergy Sufferers

A new treatment option is now available for allergy sufferers seeking relief from seasonal allergies. The new treatment comes in the form of oral immunotherapy tablets and will be prescribed for grass and ragweed allergy. Oral allergy immunotherapy tablets are already a government-approved medication in most European countries.

"Advantages of the oral immunotherapy tablet is that the treatment could be taken at home, there is no build up dose requirement, there is little risk of severe allergic reaction, and the tablets work well to lower the allergy symptoms associated with grass and ragweed allergy," said Dr. Raschal. .

"The disadvantages are that the tablet is effective against only limited allergens such as grass and ragweed. However, researchers are currently working on a tablet for the treatment of dust mite allergy, another common allergen in the Chattanooga area. The tablets should be taken daily several weeks prior to the allergy season and continued throughout the season. Side effects of patients taking these tablets included mouth itching, mouth swelling, ear itching and throat irritation which is a common side effect with most allergy treatments," Dr. Raschal added.

Allergic rhinitis (the result of being exposed to an allergen), or hayfever as it is commonly called, is an inflammatory disease that causes sneezing, nasal congestion, runny, itchy nose and eyes for millions of sufferers. Avoidance of allergens, antihistamines, nasal corticosteroids, and nasal antihistamines provide symptomatic and temporary relief for patients with allergy symptoms. For others, with more significant or bothersome allergic disease, allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots) has been a disease-modifying treatment standard.

Dr. Raschal concludes, "Allergy shots are very effective at controlling symptoms of allergy long-term. Fear of shots, local and systemic reactions to the injections, insurance coverage and economics, and maintaining injection schedules often affect adherence to allergy immunotherapy. So, it's no surprise that new treatment options for allergy patients have been under investigation for many years. We believe this will be a great addition in our arsenal of allergy-relieving treatments and are excited to offer it to our patients. "

If you have questions about this new treatment option or any allergy concerns, contact our office at 423.468.3267.