Surviving Allergies During the Holiday Season

Ready or not the holiday season is upon us! Soon you will be hitting the malls to find that perfect tie for dad and enjoying holiday parties with friends and families. Allergy and asthma triggers can be difficult to escape from during the holidays, especially if you are attending social gatherings or shopping at your favorite store. But by planning ahead and treating your allergy symptoms ahead of time, you can have a sneeze-free holiday season!

Following are some recommendations to avoid allergy risks and having a safer holiday season:

  • When shopping, try to visit stores early to avoid the heavy odors of perfumes, potpourri, air fresheners, scented candles and incense.
  • Choose your food wisely. Check that your food is truly free from allergy causing ingredients such as shellfish or peanuts. Choose the unstuffed meat, as allergens in stuffing can be absorbed by the meat.
  • At home, opt for the natural aromas and avoid the scented air fresheners. Many of the scented air fresheners may contain volatile organic compounds known as VOCs, which can trigger allergies in children.
  • When visiting loved ones that have pets, plan accordingly to take the appropriate steps to prevent allergies.

The holidays should be an enjoyable time, so with a little preplanning, you will be able to enjoy all the holiday festivities comfortably!