Surviving Vacation with Allergies

School is out and summer has arrived! Now it's time to load up the car and head on a fun and relaxing vacation. How much longer till we get there? Are we there yet? These are just a few of the questions that many of us hear on our way to our favorite vacation spots.

One of the most popular places that family's go to relax and get away from the distractions of work is the beach or lake. The calming sound of the waves crashing into the sand and the sweet smell of the ocean in the air as you near your destination melts away the stress that was left at home.

Although the thoughts of work and all of the upcoming activities this summer has awaiting for your family is long from your memory, your allergies may be running in the other direction back home. The tranquility of the water cannot be enjoyed if you are cooped up in the hotel room because of an allergic reaction.

There are some things to remember before you head out for vacation. Sunscreen is very important in protecting your skin from harmful rays of the sun, but sunscreen has chemicals that can cause an allergic reaction. It can cause a rash that looks a lot like a rash from poison oak. Be sure and read the label of the sunscreen for chemicals that could cause an allergic reaction.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is a rash from swimming, either in the ocean or lakes. Parasites that live in water can become trapped in the skin or between your bathing suit and cause a reaction. The best thing to do for the rash is not to touch it and to take an antibiotic to help the rash heal.

Whether you are relaxing on vacation or relaxing at home, there is one thing that almost every family continues to do. Barbecuing is a summer time favorite meal. Although, barbecue is finger licking good, it also can cause some allergies to flare up. Most barbecue is flavored by burning wood and using the smoke to flavor the sauce and meat. That wood has pollen on it and can cause a reaction when eaten. An unwelcomed guest also can ruin a good family barbecue, bugs. With the hot weather on full blast insects are swarming in the air. The bite or sting from just one of these pesky visitors can ruin the barbecue. It is always a good idea to have antibiotics with you if you plan on being around any insects this summer.

Vacations can be very relaxing and summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. However, if you are having trouble getting your allergies under control, give us a call at 423.468.3267.