Ways to Weed Out Allergies

Fall is just around the corner, the trees will be letting their leaves fall and your garden is wielding the end of its crops. Although the other plants are ending their reign of the warm weather, weeds are in full bloom and the pollen in swarming through the air.

Weeds are one of the top three offenders for pollen allergies. Weed pollen is produced in very large amounts; weeds produce more pollen than both trees and grasses. The weed season begins around the end of summer (August) and ends after the first frost (October to November). The symptoms of weed allergy can be very similar to having a cold. Some of the symptoms include itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, nasal discharge, itching in the ear canal, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, loss of smell, sinus headaches, and coughing.

Although weed pollen is very aggressive and is being released in mass quantities, there are some steps that you can take to avoid the pollen.

  • First, get tested for weed allergies.
  • Use an air purifier in your home to reduce the pollen in the air.
  • Change your clothes and wash your face and hands right after you come back into the house from outside. Change your bedding and wash your sheets regularly if there is a chance of pollen exposure to these items.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis to eliminate pollen trapped in the fibers. Avoid line drying your clothes outside.
  • Lastly, exercise indoors to reduce the intake of pollen.

These steps can help you and your family avoid weed pollen and welcome the fall season. Unsure if you're allergic to weeds? Give us a call at 423.468.3267.